“After the ultra marathon, it was a lifesaver to have Chad work out all that lactic acid. He was able to release my locked up hips and hit all the right rspots.  I’ve never recovered so quickly after a race.”

-Will Laughlin  (Boulder, CO)

“We bring Chad in as a free service for our employees. When our employees talk about working at EVS, they always mention the massage. It is a high impact, low cost way to reward people and let them know their work is more important than just a job. Chad does an excellent job and I would highly recommend his service to motivate and reward employees.”

-Nathan Brown  (Boulder, CO)

“Be Free Mobile Massage Therapists take me beyond relaxation. I am always so pleasantly surprised by how thoroughly they can address my body’s aches and pains and leave me feeling rejuvenated and flowing once again.”

-Rana McCoullum (Lafayette, CO)

“BeFree Mobile Massage is an integral part of my training, racing, and recovery program, whether it be marathon, ironman, or even cyclo-cross.  Chad is extremely accommodating, he comes to my home when it is convenient for me to give my body a massage, what else can I say?”

-Rod Bolls  (Boulder, CO)

I have been studying and teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, personally training fighters and hosting high-energy work-out classes since the late 90’s.  As you can imagine, over the period of a decade I have accumulated many pulls, strains, and tears.  Suffering an agonizing injury in my abs, I decided I needed some professional help.  Chad worked my abs, as well as my upper and lower back, neck, shoulders and arms.  It felt as though I was being re-adjusted and put back to normal.  I had lived with discomfort so long that it had become normal but after a few deep tissue sessions, I felt like a new man!  I have been training harder and feeling better than ever.  I would recommend Be Free Mobile to anyone interested in getting an exceptional massage.  They are affordable, friendly, trustworthy, and flexible.   Thanks Again- I live to fight another day!

-David Vidal  (Frederick, CO)

“I had a chronic hamstring problem that was keeping me from running.  After just a few sessions with Chad, I was able to get back on the trails.  Thanks again!”

-Jennie Peterson (Longmont, CO)

“Chad and Kristen are highly trained massage professionals.  I started working with them six years ago while seeking pain relief from a neck and upper back injury. Their approach of several different modalities in addressing my issues, although unique to me, was the perfect therapy that assisted in my full recovery.  In addition, I often bless my children and my daughter in law (Prenatal) with massage sessions when they are back visiting”

-Maureen Brosnan (Gunbarrel, CO)

“Direct Hit Marketing found Be Free Mobile Massage to be a great value.  We were able to provide a wonderful reward for our staff at an affordable price.  Chad was extremely professional and sensitive to the business environment; working around schedules, interruptions and the challenge of daily business. Be Free Mobile Massage is definitely a welcome addition to any business looking at a way to reward their employees.”

-Steve Juedes (Longmont, CO)

“One of the greatest challenges any organization faces today is managing the stress levels that come in running a successful, fast-paced business.  Our employees at McKesson work hard and we are always interested in ways to provide relief to ease their stress.  Having Be Free Massage come to our office and provide short breaks for our employees to take a moment, relax, and get a massage has been invaluable.  Our teams are more productive and  our employees are happier.  It’s a win/win for the business and our staff and the therapists are amazing!”

-Lisa Lai (Broomfield, CO)

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